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Here's the current social media sharing trends

Posted by Tracey Voyce on 28 April 2015
Here's the current social media sharing trends

Recent research shows what content gets shared the most...

Here's the best stats:

  • On mobile 20% of time is spent sharing, and only 6% on a desktop
  • Facebook claims 81% of all shares across social media
  • Blogs incorporating "lists" and "why?'s" receive the most shares
  • "How to" articles gain the least shares
  • The most shares and engagement occurs on Thursdays and Fridays during early afternoon

So what now?

Take this information as a guide to your social media activity. Consider these trends, your target audience and your best suited platform and tailor your content accordingly.

The best thing to do is experiment by posting a variety of things at a variety of times to discover any patterns within your audience.

Read more of our blogs regarding social media or contact your local Bloomtools Consultant to discuss how you can boost your social media activity.

Source: social media examiner.
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