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Increase your conversion rates with the use of one word!

Posted on 21 May 2014

Your websites role is not only to look good, but to get people to take action. What we have learnt is that the effectiveness of your call to action is dependent on the pronoun you use. Your word selection can make a large impact on whether or not people will click / take action or move onto the next website.

The research on conversion rates in relation to the use of first or second person pronouns shows that using first person will increase your click rates.

The evidence

A variety of studies have been done testing this out. For example two websites were compared, one website included a “start your free trial” button and other website said, “start my free trial”. The results revealed that the call to action button making use of a first person pronoun (“my”) brought 90 percent more clicks!

A further study tested another two identical pages, one stating “create my account” while the other said “create your account.” The page with “your” had 24.91 percent fewer clicks than the “my” page. This same test was completed a second time by a different company on their own clients, it saw that the call to action button making use of the first person pronoun resulted in 24 percent more conversions than the other.

But why “my”?

Think about it, when you feel personally connected to a product or service you are more likely to buy it, aren't you? This is because of the psychology of sales. The use of first person pronouns transforms an impersonal sales pitch into one that connects with customers. By incorporating first person pronouns (“me,” “my” and “mine”) you ensure customers will not feel like just another number to your company.

As a large part of decisions are made based on emotions the creation of this sense of personable connection increases a customer's likelihood of both clicking on the button and buying.

First person pronouns are the answer to your click conversion problems

Simply changing the wording of your call to actions can have a great impact on your click conversion rates and sales. If you are still using “your” to urge your customers to click this could be costing you money, customers and conversions.

Ultimately, even a perfectly worded call to action must be introduced by great copy. The content of your website first must be good, so that customers consider taking your call to action.

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