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Is Google going to delete your My Business page?

Posted on 25 January 2016

As Google does, we welcomed the new year with some new Google My Business changes and there's one inparticular that you need to be aware of. 

Google has announced that they will be removing, or un-verifying, Google My Business accounts that have had no activity for 6 months. This is a positive change, as it greatly improves the accuracy of search results, but it does mean you have some work to do. 

We forget how important our 'Google My Business' page really is, businesses generally set it up - and forget about it. However, remember that this account is what helps your business get to the top of the search results. It is also what your potential consumers are reading when they are researching their needs. If you have innacurate or half complete information you're automatically crossed off their list - and now you'll be crossed off Google's too. 

It is so important to keep your account information up to date, and ensure that your business data and information is precisely the same and correct across every single platform you use. 

Here are some of the main areas you should take some time aside to complete:

  • If you have  physical location for your business, add exterior photos (3) of your business.  For tips on how to add images, Googles help page
  • Add images of your products (3)
  • Add Interior Photos if applicable (3)
  • Add Team Photos if applicable (3)
  • Add Identity Photos for Profile, Cover photo and Logo 
  • Create images per Google My Business category
  • Setup the phone number and make sure it is correct
  • Verify your address, Google will send you a PIN number in about 5 business days which you need to enter to verify your page
  • Verify your Google Maps listing if all information is correct
  • Check and verify the operating hours and ensure they are correct
  • Ensure accuracy of location, phone number and description of your business across all social media, local directory and review websites (written exactly the same in each)
  • Ensure your main category is set up and you have chosen up to 4 additional categories if they are applicable
  • Get reviews from your clients
  • Add the relevant email address and verify it

Call your local Bloomtools Consultant to chat more about how your Google My Business page can work for you, or we can even help you set up an account if you don't have one already. 



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