Is Your Website Up To Speed?
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Is Your Website Up To Speed?

Posted on 8 November 2019
Is Your Website Up To Speed?

The first impression a visitor gets from visiting your website is how long it takes to load. In fact, if it takes too long, more than 3-5 seconds, you can expect up to a 40% bounce rate! That's a lot of potential visitors that will never even look at your website.

A slow website loading speed WILL impact how many visitors and calls your business gets from your website.

Are your website images next-gen?

People love to see what your product or service is about, and great images make for a visually appealing website. The downside is that image size, format, and number of images within content, can affect the performance of your website.

One of the recent changes we have made at Bloomtools, in line with Google's Tools for Web Developers recommendations, is to serve images in next-gen format instead of the traditional JPEG or PNG formats. This has enabled us to get potential scores up to and around 80/100 on desktop and mobile devices (and sometimes higher).

3 more things that can slow your website down


Videos can make for great content but they can slow your website down considerably if you are hosting them yourself. The best solution is to upload your videos to a third party platform such as YouTube or Vimeo and embed the code for them on your website.


There are many hosting variables that can affect how fast your website pages load. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, site security, and coding issues.

Browser caching

Browser caching is when a web browser is able to save images, scripts, and style sheets so that the next time the same user visits the site the browser doesn't have to download all the elements of the website page.

When it comes to website speed, every second counts!

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