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Latest email marketing statistics

Posted on 9 December 2009

Marketing's hottest topic of 2009 was the debate over whether or not email was dead. A lot of experts were saying that the rise social networking had basically made email marketing redundant and that businesses should focus on communicating via Facebook, Twitter etc.

While these social sites are definitely important, email marketing is still the most effective way for businesses to communicate with their clients. It allows you to get into a person's most private place on the internet - their inbox - which social media just can't compete with.

Here is some recent research that demonstrates the power of email marketing:

  • 40% said that simply receiving email has a positive impact on their likelihood to make a future purchase a company. - Epsilon "Branding Survey" (Feb 2009)
  • 71% remember email communications when making purchases at the sending company's web site. - Epsilon "Branding Survey" (Feb 2009)
  • 50% said they're more likely to buy products from companies who send them email, whether their purchases are online or at a place of business. - Epsilon "Branding Survey" (Feb 2009)
  • Consumers are growing more accustomed to offers from companies they trust and seem to appreciate the relationship. No less than 84% of respondents said they like receiving email from companies with whom they register, because even if they don't always read the message, it's good to know the information or offer will be there when they're ready. This response rate is up significantly from 69% in the 2005 study. - Epsilon "Branding Survey" (Feb 2009)
  • The number of consumers who agreed that the mere fact that they receive email from a company makes them more likely to purchase products from the sender in the future regardless of where they make the purchase (50%) is higher than in 2005 (37%). This demonstrates that consumers are noticing emails, and while they may not be ready to purchase immediately, the correspondence is having a greater influence on their shopping behavior and brand recognition. - Epsilon "Branding Survey" (Feb 2009)
  • 67% of subscribers say they've purchased products offline as a direct result of receiving an email from a retail company. - Epsilon (2009)
  • Email marketing will generate an ROI of $43.52 in 2009. DMA (2009)

These figures should inspire you to use email marketing in your business.  If you need some help, visit our library of email marketing resources.