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Magnets to attract sales leads

Posted on 17 April 2013

Consider this: nine out of 10 people who land on your website don’t take any action. Perhaps they’re not ready to make a purchase or are still doing their research. But if they navigate away, how can you ensure they return?

You need to build a relationship with your future customers. Small businesses can utilise a number of strategies to cement a connection over time.

Provide value

Think about what your customers truly value. It’s likely something that helps them with their own business, inspires them in their personal life or perhaps just entertains. Create something people should pay for – then offer it for free.

What information or service can you offer that your customer would truly appreciate? Think blog articles with industry tips, whitepapers, reports, videos, webinars and guides. Your customers will appreciate the input and come to trust your advice.  

Or keep it lighthearted with amusing and relevant content. Think competitions, videos and infographics.

Capture leads

Every time you offer users something of value, make sure you get their details in return (first name and email address). Then through trigger (automated) emails this allows you to continue the conversation with targeted content, and ultimately secure a sale.

Establish a personal connection

Much of this can be done online, but never underestimate the power of a personal connection. Meeting you and your team in person helps establish a greater sense of trust for the customer.  Give them a call.

Invite them to coveted industry events, host your own educational evenings or offer them tickets to relevant seminars. You provide an invitation for them to learn something and receive an opportunity to get to know them better.

Build your evangelist network

Chances are you already have people that love what you do, so reward them. If you notice a compliment on a forum, send a personal message to say thanks for the kind words. If people refer their friends, give them a discount next time they shop, or a free gift or service. 

Reward people who support you and they’ll support you even more.

Think of your marketing efforts in terms of the overall relationship as opposed to individual sales. People may not make a purchase when they first land on your website, but they land there for reason… don’t let them forget about you!

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