New Twitter and Google advances for Bloomtools Website Clients
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New Twitter and Google advances for Bloomtools Website Clients

Posted on 6 June 2011
New Twitter and Google advances for Bloomtools Website Clients

Recently an exciting new advancement to website technology was announced by Google. This announcement was jumped on by Bloomtools to ensure that our clients were the first in the world to benefit from the new changes. Furthermore, we’ve also taken this opportunity to add one of Twitter’s newer features to your website as well. So, what are these new features that will help to improve your SEO and Social Media Marketing efforts and what have our team here at Bloomtools done to ensure you’ll reap the rewards too?

The Google +1 button

Similar to the “Like” button on Facebook, but designed for Google account holders instead, the new +1 feature essentially allows you to indicate to others that the website you are visiting is worth a look - a “stamp of approval” if you will - playing on the fact that word-of-mouth is often the best method of lead generation. The higher the number of +1 votes, the more people have recommended this website to others and, potentially, the more relevant or useful the website is to the search you are making.

As a website owner, the +1 button is going to be invaluable. Not only does it indicate the popularity of your site, but the more people who visit your site as a result of this positive referral the better your search engine ranking will become. It is not out of the question to assume that Google will take into account a website’s +1 rating in determining the search engine ranking of a website so, for this reason alone, you should add this button to your website.

The Twitter “Tweet” button

The Twitter Tweet Button allows a website visitor to Tweet an article or website directly from that page, without having to navigate to their Twitter account. The Tweet Button will autofill the Tweet field with the page’s short link and title and is a great way to quickly and easily share website content with Twitter followers. From the perspective of a website owner, this button makes it even easier to generate a buzz around your products, articles or news.

Bloomtools Clients now have access to these buttons

At Bloomtools, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of Internet technology. As of yesterday, these two great features have been added to your article library giving you a head start in the +1 Google race and allowing you the opportunity to increase the number of times your website content has been tweeted about.