Online technology offers more for Franchisors than what they thought
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Online technology offers more for Franchisors than what they thought

Posted on 10 February 2014
Online technology has evolved so far from just having a website, for a marketing purpose, that Franchisors can now utilise online tools for marketing, communication, managing their franchisees, their systems and clients from one login. And best of all it is not too expensive to achieve this.

Technology has moved that when setting up a new franchise, or growing an existing one, you would have to look at how technology can dramatically help your franchise. 

The Franchisors website

Your online presence starts with your website, including your mobile website, which is there to attract new clients, build up a loyal following, add value to existing clients and attract new franchisees.

Your Franchises intranet 

Through a secure login, your website can open up to being more whether it be to collect payments from franchisees, automatically display your franchise communication history, be a central resource of processes and procedures, download relevant forms, marketing artwork and more. This allows you to streamline and improve your franchise operation, reduce time wasting activities and give instant access to information that is needed from any location.

Leverage - even more with even less

When you combine your online presence with your communication it goes to an even greater level.  You can create emails to go to franchisees, track who has read and taken the next step and click a button to display them online so the history is there for future reference.  Or for potential and existing clients, you can create emails that each of your franchisees can use to send to their own database, that are captured by them in an easy to use portal, and through your doorway you will be able to simply give them the email ready to go or send it on their behalf.  You can even take it further and create some trigger campaigns that automatically go to new prospects and clients of your franchisees to help them get more customers, repeat business and even referrals.

Be ready for international duplication

Opening up franchise operations overseas can be labour intensive, however if you have your franchise operations, marketing, communication etc setup utilsing the power of the internet you will be more attractive to others, especially if you go down the master licensing track, faster to setup as it will be easily duplicated and more efficient, and consistent, in how you run your multiple locations.

These are just a few ways that the internet is being used by franchisors.  Now don’t think this sounds too expensive or too complicated.  Technology has overcome these issues, where you will be suprised how cost effective and simple it is to use.

My invitation is to review what you are currently doing, or want to do, and look at how technology can work to help your franchise grow.   It will be the best investment of your time.

If you want to know how Bloomtools are doing it for our franchise, and other franchisors give your nearest Bloomtools office a call.
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