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Proprietary vs Wordpress Open Source?

Posted on 4 December 2017
Proprietary vs Wordpress Open Source?

We often get asked should we go with Bloomtools platform or Wordpress?

Now I don't want to put any platform down, as every platform has their positives and negatives.  And I will give you feedback from our clients (that were with WordPress before coming on board with us).  But before I do, I really want to stress the other important factors you need to make decisions about first, before you even consider questioning what platform you choose -  as they are more important.

There are four key decision points you need to make:

  1. The first decision you need to make is based on the person you are working with.  Do they really understand your business needs?  What questions have they asked about your business?  Do they know what your key business objectives are?  Who your competitors are?  Helped you identify what areas of strength you have?  After this, you then need to feel comfortable that they have the knowledge and experience to help your business grow. 
  2. Design your website to make a difference.  Great websites are not just relying on the platform, before the platform kicks in the design is extremely important.  The design needs to be created uniquely (not chosen from a template mix) to make your business stand out, make you look better than your competitors, and just as important your Internet Strategist needs to make sure the design has all the key elements, and in the right location to encourage people to stay on your website, and more importantly take action.
  3. You need more than a website:  Unfortunately now that everyone has a website, to be found on Google and to make your business stand out above others and to drive people to your website, you need more.  Your website needs to be strategically seen in other locations, people need to talk about you and your business online, it needs to have key elements of its functionality working so Google can easily index and will do regularly.  You also need to know what digital marketing direction you need to take for your business to achieve all of the above. Often for some clients, the strategies are quite simple for us and you to do, to make a big difference (because most of your competitors are not doing it).  But for others, it may require a bit more. This needs to be discussed with your Internet Partner and a plan formulated.
  4. The future is covered:  The internet is evolving at such a speed, your business will be changing over time to be the best you can be, and as your business, budget and knowledge of the internet grows - you may also want to evolve your website.  Make sure you find an Internet Partner, whose technology will be evolving all the time and will update your website as part of this process.  (You don't want to have the expense of having to completely rebuild your website every couple of years). You need to make sure you are able to add more tools and services on to your website (as online technology has so much more to offer your business than just lead generation).

After you have completed all of the above, look at the technology platform that will work best for you and your business.

Every month we do get clients coming on board with us after having a bad WordPress website experience. To help you, we would like to give you the feedback we hear from them, so you can make an informed decision.

1. Unsecure CMS platform
Unfortunately, a lot of clients coming to us from WordPress have had their websites hacked. It is instant, and hard if sometimes impossible to fix. Replacing the content with squares, holographics and for some, sexual content.  So, how does this happen?
Hackers and spammers usually target WordPress sites because WordPress is the most widely used CMS platforms worldwide that is using an Open Source language, that enables them to know how to take over peoples websites. Due to this fact, your site is more vulnerable to security hacks and malicious activities.

2. WordPress is not the best at everything
Although it's one of the most widely used website software, there are some applications where WordPress is not always the best option. It's great for many businesses starting out, who just want to a have a basic presence.  But some of WordPress is built by volunteers. Aspects such as translation of the admin area, for example, are not professionally developed, where volunteers can add their own translations. And if their language is other than English,  the quality of translation can sometimes be lacking.  And as all the add ons have been made by different people, each new tool you add to your website is not always intuitive and easy to use.

3. Automatic Upgrades
Automatic Upgrades is often talked about as being a challenge. Therefore, it is best for you to disable the ability to update themes and plugins; otherwise, you will constantly encounter the problems related to the automatic upgrades - as not all test their upgrades before releasing. And often it has more bugs than plusses.  But that is unfortunate, as you do need to keep your website up to date with all latest technologies and software.

You never know how your website will react to a plugin update or how well the update has been programmed so it's best to update your themes and plugins manually.

4. Free themes
There are many free themes templates that come with various tempting offers that contain hidden codes, links, etc. Instead of buying any third-party theme, you should purchase a WordPress theme for your website to avoid such issues.  But be wary, it is a template that hundreds of other companies are using as well.

At the end of the day, as said all platforms have their positives and negatives.  I highly recommend, as covered above - first and foremost you find a company you want to work with first, as that partnership is what will make the biggest difference to your business's online success.

Author: Tracey Voyce
About: With more than 30 years business management experience, Tracey Voyce is the CEO of Bloomtools. Tracey has owned and managed many businesses and spent several years training and motivating coaches at the world’s largest business coaching franchise.
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