Putting the spark back in your sales emails
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Putting the spark back in your sales emails

Posted on 14 July 2014

You wouldn't bore your customers with an overload of irrelevant details and sickly sales messages in person, so why would you do it through email?

Recent research from ExactTarget revealed that 71 per cent of online consumers in Australia check their email first thing in the morning – make sure your messages are always opened with some top tips for effective emails.

Use questions to highlight benefits

Rather than using your sales emails as a place to make proud statements about how brilliant your company is, use them to get your customers thinking.

The right questions will get your readers engaged and make it easier for them to see how your products can improve their lives. Think 'are you inundated with boring emails?' rather than 'our emails will always keep you entertained' and you'll be on the right track.

Always add value

Not every sales email can include a special deal or discount, but all can provide value for the reader. Do you have a 'how to' guide you could share with your customers, new industry insights to shout about or an event you can invite them to?

Get your emails read by putting the focus on what you can do for your customers – not what they can do for you.

Skip clichés and avoid generalisations

There are a few cardinal sins when it comes to communicating with your customers and, sadly, they're easy traps to fall into. Avoid clichés, industry-specific jargon and generalisations wherever you can.

Customers are sick of hearing the same empty promises and claims that you're the 'best company around'. Instead of being vague, include specifics and always back up your claims.

Target your message

Every sales email should have a purpose and a targeted demographic. Rather than blanket bomb your entire contact list with just general news, create sales campaigns that are triggered by customer actions – such as answering a survey on your site, buying a product or attending an event.

Your Bloomtools Email Marketing Software makes it easy to set up triggers that will target customers at the most advantageous times. Find out more or chat to your local Bloomtools consultant and brainstorm for a better campaign.

Other interesting findings within this study, on email:

  • 96 percent of online Australian consumers subscribe to at least one email marketing program
  • 53 percent of consumers that subscribe to brand’s email programs have made a purchase after receiving an email marketing message
  • 84 percent of consumers check email at least once per day
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