Quick Tips for Getting your Clients to Complete your Survey
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Quick Tips for Getting your Clients to Complete your Survey

Posted on 7 July 2015
Quick Tips for Getting your Clients to Complete your Survey
Offering unparalleled insight into the minds of your clients, feedback surveys can be a veritable gold mine... but only if your clients are willing to fill them out. Get customers interested with a few top tips for making feedback surveys more tempting.

Feedback surveys are instantly recognisable to most web users as something that is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, clients are familiar and comfortable with the survey format. On the other, they've already experienced long, tedious surveys that offer little in the way of satisfaction. For a truly successful survey campaign, you need to address this second factor.

Boost your survey's pulling power by:

  • Indicating how long the survey will take before it starts.
  • Limiting your survey to between 5 and 10 questions.
  • Only asking the questions you will be making use of.
  • Including open-ended questions as well as multiple choice.
  • The way your survey looks can also have a big impact on how likely people are to complete it. Keep your layout clean, uncluttered and easy to use. Bloomtools survey tool is perfect for setting up professional-looking surveys in a matter of minutes.
  • An alternative way to coax your customers into completing feedback questionnaires is to place your questions directly on your site. This is a great way to get answers to pressing questions, but you'll want to limit your survey to a simple question or a quick poll. An excellent feature of this unobtrusive survey tool is the ability to change your questions depending on the page it appears, allowing you to tweak your questions to complement a customer's journey.

Offer incentives

One of the more effective ways to get answers is to offer an incentive. From discounts to account credits or giveaway gifts, a bonus can increase your response rate by anywhere between 5 and 20 per cent, according to a variety of academic studies.

Don't scare your clients off with a dull, dry and seemingly endless survey. Show them you'll keep it short, snappy and rewarding.

Contact your Bloomtools Consultant for tips on which questions to ask, how to word them and how to launch your survey campaign.