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Reluctant writer? Top tips for easier blogging

Posted on 24 January 2015


Your business can't afford to ignore the power of blogging, but not everyone is a natural writer. Luckily, you don't have to be. Learn how to position your company, entertain your readers and boost your clickthroughs in a few simple steps.

These tips will help you write interesting blogs faster, which is ideal because the more frequently you post new blogs, the more readers you'll interact with. HubSpot's Marketing Benchmarks report revealed that businesses that publish at least 15 blogs each month get five times more traffic than those that don't blog.

1. You're not writing a novel

Writing a blog doesn't have to be a slog, and there's certainly no need for it to be an elaborate 600-word article every time. While there's nothing wrong with longer pieces, remember that sometimes a short, snappy post is worth a lot more than a dry, extended read. Think of each post as a snippet of information that will be of interest to your target market.

2. Remember that you're an expert

Your blog should be positioning yourself as an expert in your field, so you need to keep up to date with new developments. Devote a little time each week to reading blogs by your peers and catching up with the latest headlines to show you're ahead of the curve.

3. Stay focused on your goals

Don't allow yourself to become distracted by quirky themes or easy (and repetitive) sales pitches. Instead, keep your blog's main goals in mind at all times. You should be writing to show off your expertise, attract new prospects and improve your Google ranking every post should contribute to at least one of these goals.

4. Shout about your products

There are some posts that practically write themselves, such as posts about new products or enhancements to your services. Show off your latest additions with a simple highlight feature or get your customers talking with a 'how to' guide.

5. Celebrate your clients

Posts celebrating your clients are easy to write and have the added benefit of increasing your potential reader pool, as featured clients are more likely to share. Pick companies that have done something noteworthy recently or have had a success with one of your products or services.

6. Share your top tips

You know your industry and your business inside out, so you're sure to have some great information to share. Break down some of your best insights whether those are 'ways to take a great photo' or 'how to clean out your inbox' and create a monthly 'top tips' feature.

7. Run special promotions

Few posts will be as popular as those featuring special promotions or competitions. Reward your regular blog readers and fill your quota with a semi-regular promotion.

8. Get some help from the experts

If writing a blog still sounds like something you just don't have the time or the energy for, it's time to get some help from the experts. Rather than turning people off your brand with a lacklustre blog, use something like Bloomtools Content Writing Services and rest assured that your blog will be updated with industry-specific topical news every month.

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