Seven simple ways to convert website visitors into customers
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Seven simple ways to convert website visitors into customers

Posted on 14 May 2014

So your website is getting lots of traffic, but you’d like to be able to convert more of these visitors into paying customers? Here are seven tactics you can try to generate more web customers for your products or services.


Ask a few customers with whom you already have an established relationship to write brief testimonials to place on your website. They only need to be brief and can sit on your homepage or in a specific testimonials section. Testimonials work a treat in overcoming peoples fears, and can create a point of difference above other similar websites your prospects are looking at.

Case studies

Similar to testimonials, but written from your point of view rather the customer’s, case studies give you the opportunity to break down in detail what you can provide, so that potential purchasers can better understand the product or service on offer.  People love reading stories, and research has proven they are more effective about getting acrosss what you do and how you can help certain people/ businesses. Again, you’ll need to choose customers with whom you have a good established relationship.

Display other customers’ activities

If everyone else is doing it, it must be worthwhile, right? Being able to see others’ activities acts as a reassurance that making a purchase is safe and reliable. How this works will depend on the nature of your business – the website of Amazon subsidiary “The Book Depository” provides a good example of how this dynamic content can work.  

Client logos

Particularly if you have a service-based business and have worked with a number of recognisable brands, displaying their logos on your website can help establish you as a reputable provider. The better known and respected your clients, the better you will look.

Premium services

If you offer some services or content on your website for free, consider supplementing this with premium content requiring payment or registration. You can ask users to pay for this content directly, or simply use the registration gateway to build an email marketing database. This approach requires a delicate balancing act between the premium and free content. Don’t scrimp on the latter – that’s how you get visitors hooked in the first place.

Loading time

Ensuring your website is fast is crucial. The longer your load times, the more likely that you’ll lose potential customers to a competitor. You can optimise your website for speed using Google PageSpeed.

Design and look n feel matching your business

This is the first strategy you must evaluate.  As soon as some one lands on your website, they instantly (3 secs) can see who you are, what you do, and whether you are a good fit for them.  Is your design, imagery, headings and key messages doing this for you?    Test it out by getting someone who is not familar with your website to tell you what they think.

Bonus: What are your calls to action, and where are they?

If you want some one to act, make it easy for them.  Put all your calls to action in key location, and also within your content.  eg. Phone now, quote, contact us, buy now, enquire, download here etc etc

Implement these tactics into your web strategy and enjoy the increased conversion rate of visitors into customers.  Call one of the Bloomtools consultants and tell them you read this Blog, and they will give you a full website analysis so you can see and learn what is possibly holding you back, and hear some good strategies that could make a difference to your online presence.
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