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Some interesting online trends & stats

Posted on 3 February 2016
Some interesting online trends & stats

We're all aware that the online world is growing rapidly, connecting us to everything from each other to our daily tasks at the touch of a button. Our society thrives of it, count how many devices you use each day... look around you and see how many people are on their smartphones.

We are living in a digitally dependent world, and here are the latest and greatest trends and stats. 

The Online World

Device used most: 

  • 26% of people use their smartphone more often to go online
  • 31% use their smartphone, tablet and desktop equally
  • 36% use their computer or tablet more 

Age groups that are online

  • 94% of under 25's are online
  • 89% of 25-34's
  • 89% of 35-44's
  • 82% of 45-54's
  • 52% of 55+'s 

Activities a smartphone is used for, just as much as a computer

  • 46% search engines and social networks
  • 37% product information
  • 37% maps and directions

Online Shopping

First source of product awareness/information in pre-purchase research:

  • 58% online
  • 36% in store
  • 37% use both online and offline
  • 18% use online online
  • 21% use only offline 

These stats about the online world and online shopper reveal how important it is for your business to have an integrated marketing strategy, ensuring you're reaching your potential consumers at their most crucial decision making moments. 

Check out Google's Consumer Barometer for more stats (source).

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