Streamline your way to success: Marketing for time-poor businesses
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Streamline your way to success: Marketing for time-poor businesses

Posted on 16 September 2014

You may be short on time, but you can't afford to take a back seat when it comes to marketing your business.

When speed is essential, give your brand a boost by…

Trialling Google AdWords

Use Google AdWords to run pay-per-click (PPC) ads for your business and display ads with minimal work. You can trial AdWords and be able to closely monitor and measure the success of every campaign. According to Moz, 85.2 per cent of search queries include an ad.

Setting a referral strategy in motion

Setting up your referral strategy will take some time, but once it's established you can sit back and let your advocates do the work for you. According to Nielsen, word-of-mouth recommendations from family or friends remain the most influential way to advertise, with 84 per cent of global respondents listing it as most trustworthy. Turn your customers into advertisers to lighten your workload.

Offering a free report on your site

The majority of people who land on your site will leave again without buying anything or contacting you. Entice them into making the first move by offering a free, industry-relevant report on your site that's available to all visitors – as long as they leave their name and email address.

Choosing an automated customer relationship management tool

Once you've started a relationship with a customer, foster it efficiently with the help of a customer relationship management system. The software can streamline all major areas of customer interaction, automatically sending relevant emails and deals to encourage repeat customers and galvanise inactive buyers. 

Advertise efficiently with Bloomtools Database Marketing

A whole suite of tools designed to help you connect with customers and boost your bottom line, Database Marketing saves you time by centralising your efforts. Create great email campaigns with its ready-to-use templates, manage events of all sizes and run online surveys with a few clicks, talk over your options with your local Bloomtools consultant.

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