The Table of SEO Success Factors
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The Table of SEO Success Factors

Posted on 11 June 2013

This table is a great way to have an overview of SEO, and view the key factors (on and off page factors) to achieve success.  On first glance it looks confusing, but when you go over it it actually makes it a lot simpler.

It highlights the the top 33 factors you should consider, by giving each a weighting you can work out what areas you should give more energy to than others.

SEO Table of success factors

Download a PDF copy here

The key factors they cover are:

  • Content – the quality of your material
  • HTML – elements used to technically create your web pages
  • Architecture – elements involved with your overall site
  • Links – how links to your content may impact rankings
  • Trust – the degree your site seems to be a trustworthy authority
  • Social – how social recommendations impact your rankings
  • Personal – various ways personalized search results impact your SEO

How the weighting works:

The ones with the +3, and more darkly coloured  are the ones they beleive are the most important factors to consider, then just below are the +2 and +1.

Then there are the negative factors, that should be avoided as they can harm your visibility.  Factors -3 are considered the worst ones, then -2 and -1.

All factors are important, and the weightings are general guides.  It is also important to understand that factors can work together, a page with several minor positive factors might outrank one with a single positive factor.  Similarly, a single negative factor might not mean a site is never to be found.


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