Three ways to improve your email opt-in rates
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Three ways to improve your email opt-in rates

Posted on 20 March 2014
Are you missing a trick when trying to tempt customers to sign up to your emails? Learn three great ways to boost your opt-in rates and sign up more clients in no time.

Treat your email list like the valuable commodity it is and invest time and energy into building your numbers. Once you've signed up customers to your emails, you'll have the chance to share targeted promotions, increase interaction with timely newsletters and build your brand with well-pitched campaigns – so let’s get started.

Clarity and concise information

When deciding whether to opt in to emails or not, your customer is going to make a quick judgement about whether it's something they're interested in or not. You have only a few seconds to convince them to add their address to your list, so you have to work fast.

Make sure your sign-up clearly illustrates exactly what customers will be getting. People want to know they're choosing something that's intended specifically for them, so you should also ensure it's easy to determine the target audience.

Boasting about benefits

You also want to make any potential benefits of signing up very clear. In those precious few seconds of decision making, you want to give your potential clients a strong motivation for taking the plunge – so shout about the benefits immediately.

Whether it's the chance to access rewards like discounts or the opportunity to get the inside scoop on new product lines, let your browsers see exactly what they can gain by opting in.

Focus on fast rewards 

As your potential subscribers are making their quick assessment of your email services, they'll be factoring in an immediacy judgement. You might be offering some good bonuses, but who wants to sign up for a free gift they won't receive for a year or an email list that's only going to offer quality content once every six months? Give users benefits they can enjoy right away and they will be much more likely to embrace the impulse to sign up.

Don't expect users to opt in to your email offerings simply because you have them – make sure there’s a good reason for sharing their details with you.