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Tip: Plan your online strategy for the year

Posted by Bloomtools on 13 January 2019
Tip: Plan your online strategy for the year

As business owners, January is always a good time of the year for reflection on your business. This is also a good time to look at your online profile. To make it easier for you, we have created a checklist you can print out to tick the key elements that you are strong in or areas that you feel you should work on. Now you can write up a plan of action but for most, we know this is when it becomes too hard. So that is what this calendar/guide is about - to simplify it for you and put things into bite-size chunks so that you can cover the bare minimum to help your business stand out online.

But always remember to at least have an annual strategy session with your Bloomtools consultant - this is their area of expertise and they can help you take things further.

Take heart: Even if all of your competitors are online, we find most of our clients only need to work on a few areas to stand out - your competitors often do nothing as they are too scared to venture into the unknown. So let's get started. Download this checklist to see the great opportunities you have to improve your online presence.

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