What are you missing with your unsubscribe process
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What are you missing with your unsubscribe process

Posted on 27 April 2015
What are you missing with your unsubscribe process
Your best efforts in enticing, captivating and engaging your customer have unfortunately failed and they head for the unsubscribe button. Its all over... or is it? What can you do at this point to make the most of this situation?

Ease of Action

According to The Australian Spam Law the unsubscribe link must be listed in every promotional email sent, so it makes it simple for everyone to unsubscribe. Ensure your link is clearly marked so that your reader does not become frustrated with a difficult or nonexistent process.

Power of Choice

Give people the option of what they want to unsubscribe from, whether it be newsletters, industry updates, promotions or blogs. This gives people the power to select what information they actually want from you, and may not completely unsubscribe from you.

Use Manners

Continue being professional. Thank them afterwards and let them know that their unsubscribe was successful with a pop-up window or take them to a page with a note on.

Keep Them Around

Keep your unsubscribes within your database (don't delete them), as most professional programs like Bloomtools Email Marketing will overcome you adding them to the database again and therefore ensuring you wont accidentally send something to them again.

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