Your emails are making your business vulnerable. And how to easily fix this
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Your emails are making your business vulnerable. And how to easily fix this

Posted on 24 February 2017

If you think about for the last month the emails that you and your team sent to clients, suppliers and staff (even friends)... imagine if someone could get into them and extract information.  Some of it would have been sensitive and confidential information that you would want no one else to access.   Security is so important from not only your end, as well as the online services you use. 

Email on the cloud through a service like Google (GSuite) is what we have most of our clients on and they have it covered on their side to stop people entering into their systems to get into your details.    But this Blog today is talking about it from your side, the vulnerability that you and your team have with anyone getting into your devices (phones, IPads, laptops, computers and more). Research done by google has shown that many passwords and security questions can easily be guessed.  As well as, many people use the same password in multiple locations, so if that password is picked up somewhere else and comes back to its source - your business and private information is wide open.

So how do I easily overcome my Email security vulnerabilities?

Our first recommendation is for your email to use something like GSuite - that enables you to easily have a 2 step verification process, using both your device and phone to authenticate you - something that no hacker can infiltrate.  

2 Step Verification goes beyond just a strong password. It's an effective security feature that combines "something you know" (e.g., a password) and "something you have" (e.g., a text, a prompt, or a Security Key) to protect your accounts. Think of this like withdrawing money from an ATM/cash machine: You need both your PIN and your debit card.

Google Authenticator app is free and available for Android and iOS devices, which generates a code for you each time you want to sign in to your account.

Google Authenication


This process is so simple to set up. Don't hesitate, because I would hate for it to be too late and something happens.

If you are not using GSuite and would like to.  Please talk to your Bloomtools Consultant to set this up for you.  The fees are only $50 US per license through Google, so benefits vs effort it is worth it.


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