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Fashion Retailer Web Design Case Study

Learn how Bloomtools created a professional and functional website for a Fashion Retailer allowing them to achieve success.

This successful small retailer sells a variety of clothing and accessories. The business wanted to establish a wide base of regular clients that they could build strong relationships with in order to make more money. They also wanted to establish a reward system to show their appreciation to these regular clients.

The Brief

  • Sales most of this retailer's sales come from one-off customers, so in order to increase their sales they wanted to encourage these customers to become regulars.
  • Leads the retailer wanted to access a new group of potential customers, so they needed to encourage and facilitate their current customers to spread the word about their business to their friends and colleagues.
  • Relationship building they wanted to implement a VIP system for rewarding their valued regular customers to further build the relationship, but it needed to be something simple, because none of them were marketing or computer experts.

The Solution

The fashion retailer used a Bloomtools Third Generation Website and a variety of tools to do the following:

  • Improve their branding

This business wanted to showcase their brand and their products to visitors as soon as they arrived on their website in order to capture their attention.  They had an expert Flash designer create an introduction page to their website that featured professional, attractive images of their products set to catchy music.  Site visitors loved this introduction to the website and it helped the retailer increase her sales.

Product: Flash Introduction

  • Establish a VIP customer program

This retailer created a simple rewards system which involved giving a card with their website address on it to every customer when they made a purchase. The person could then go to a specialised page on their website and sign up to become a VIP member. If the person signed up within 24 hours of their purchase, they received a free gift. This encouraged them to sign up immediately, so the retailer could start communicating with them straight away.

Products: Landing Page Manager, Database Marketing

  • Send out regular announcements and updates

The retailer wanted to engage in regular communication with her customers, particularly the VIP clients, but wasn't comfortable doing a full newsletter. Instead, she sent out short announcements and updates of special events or company news via email and posted them on her website. This meant she could keep her clients informed, without needing a full-scale newsletter.  These announcements helped to build the relationship between the retailer and her clients and encouraged many of her customers to become regulars.

Products: Database Marketing, Bulletin Board

  • Organise VIP events

The biggest part of the retailer's new VIP program was the special events. Once every quarter, the retailer closed off her store to the general public and had a special sale or evening for VIP clients and their friends. Also, whenever a designer released a new range or some exciting new stock arrived, the retailer would organise a VIP night with a fashion parade of the new clothes for VIPs and their friends. The VIPs would then have access to the clothing before it went on sale to the public by making an appointment on the night. These strategies were great for the retailer to collect contacts to add to her database and for creating word of mouth publicity about her store through her strong customer service and uniqueness. 

Products: Database Marketing, Events Calendar/Listing

  • Created an online fashion parade of products

The retailer increased the traffic to her website by previewing all her new stock on the site before it arrived in store. Using the product catalogue software on her site, the retailer designed a slide show of the new clothing and placed it on her website. In some instances, VIP clients were given access to the fashion parade a week before the general public. This created anticipation and excitement for the new ranges and again increased sales.

Product: Product Catalogue

  • Created a blog

Because the retailer wanted to communicate with her clients in an open and friendly way, she started to write a blog on her website. The blog was very funny and personal, and covered everything from new clothing in the store to celebrity gossip. The blog became instantly popular with her clients because it was light-hearted and entertaining and it made them feel like they were part of the store's 'family'. It attracted traffic to her website and strengthened her relationships with her customers.

Product: Blog Manager


Tools Used

The fashion retailer used the following tools:

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