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Take the mystery out of owning an online shopping cart

Want to start selling your products and services online, but not sure how to go about it? Catering to everyone, including existing Bloomtools clients and non-clients, this helpful session will discuss how online shopping can work for a range of different industries as well as some useful tips for getting your Shopping Cart noticed by your...

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Online strategies that increase your revenue - The Internet Secrets

"Do you want to learn how you can double your revenue through your website?" It's something that a number of our clients have acheived, so this month we've recruited our Internet Marketing expert and Director, Tracey Voyce, who will take you through the winning strategies that these clients are doing to get these typ...

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How to become an SEO Ninja

You already know the importance of being found on search engines, but how do you do it? For many industries, just by following the unique steps we take you through in this webinar will get you up the top of the results.  In this webinar you will understand what the following are, and how to implement them yourselves or with our h...

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How to develop your USP and Make your website stand out

With over 83% of all people searching online when looking for a business, service or product... you need to make sure your business stands out. In this webinar, we take you through a simple 7 step process to developing your USP (Unique Selling Proposition - also known as the competion killer) and show you some winning examples. Then, ...

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How blogs work for everyday businesses

This client webinar covered the strategies, tips and tricks around Blogging.  Blogging is a highly successful strategy to generate leads, increase conversions and add more value to your website.  But once you have the tool, what do you do to make it work for your business and get results? In this webinar we take you through,...

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