Bloomtools | Why Resellers Love Us

Why Resellers Love Bloomtools

100% rebranded products to sell as your own

Every Bloomtools product is completely rebranded as yours so you have a huge range of tools you can sell on to your clients.  Our graphic designers will work with you to create a look for your Content Management System and all your clients will see this branding when they are using the system. Also, your clients' websites and email marketing templates will also feature your branding.

Generous wholesale pricing to save you money

It's cheaper for us to build your client's online solutions than it is for you to do it yourself, so why go through the hassle or hiring and training your own team when we can do it for you?  You get great wholesale rates on all the setup and ongoing fees for our tools and can set your own retail pricing to make a healthy profit on them, plus you also collect ongoing residual income from your clients.

Simple tools to make running your business easy

The thing that sets our reseller opportunity apart from others is that we don't just build websites for you - we also provide you with a range of tools to help you run your own business efficiently.  You get our complete business administration system which includes CRM, quoting and invoicing, project management, website evaluation tools and a support ticketing system. You can even add your own non-Bloomtools products to the system and use it to run your whole business.

Huge range of tools to meet your clients' needs

As well as website design, Bloomtools also has a world class Database Marketing system that includes email marketing and SMS marketing, surveys, and events management, plus a sophisticated search engine optimisation program. Once your client has the standard Third Generation Website, they can increase its functionality with many business tools, including a shopping cart, photo gallery, classifieds system, real estate manager and many more - with no website downtime.

We make you look big

Even if you're a one man band, our software and systems will make you look like a large company. Your clients will be impressed with the constant upgrades to our products and the sophisticated hosting environment you can provide them with. Also, your website will be enhanced with our extensive knowledgebase rebranded as your own.

Our websites exceed international standards

Obviously you want to supply your clients with the best available solutions and Bloomtools can enable you to do this. All our software has been developed in-house from scratch by our experienced team, so they are strictly quality controlled, tested and updated regularly. Plus, our websites exceed the international technology and usability standards of the World Wide Web Consortium and the business standards of Website Standards Association.

Extensive initial and ongoing training

Bloomtools resellers participate in an intensive four day initial training program to get them up to speed with the latest in the internet industry, and how to use our products and systems. We also run regular up-skilling workshops to make sure they are giving their clients the best possible service.