Give your customers what they want!

Lots of people visit your website, including current customers, past customers, prospective customers, shareholders, suppliers and maybe even members of the press. When these people arrive on your website, they are usually seeking some specific information about your business. They may want to find out about:  What products and servi...

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How Blogs Work for Everyday Business

To blog or not to blog...well, it’s not really a question anymore. The truth is the research is proving that blogs are helping businesses in many, many ways. From driving traffic to your website, to helping you get new clients, blogs are now a very effective way of promoting yourself to the customers you want to reach. In this artic...

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How the Internet can streamline your business

The internet has only been around for about a decade, but it has already advanced dramatically in that short time. It is now at a maturity level where it can be used for much more than just marketing in a business – it is a fully functional business tool that can provide real bottom-line results for businesses. One area we have seen...

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How to get people to spend more time on your website

Getting your customers to stay on your site longer will help you build a relationship with them and get them to purchase from you again. Most visitors don't spend more than a couple of minutes on your site, so they aren't exposed to your brand or your products for very long. However, if you can offer something to your visitors on ...

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Must-have online tools and strategies for your business

So you’ve got a website?  That’s great – every business needs one.  But are you taking full advantage of all the technology that the internet now offers the everyday business owner? 

There are lots of tools out there that can help you get more from your internet presence and, surprisingly, a lot of it is ...

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