Blogging for business checklist

Blogs within a business website, when done right, are getting great results by increasing traffic to their websites, conversion rates, Google rankings, plus much more. As there are a lot of tips surrounding the whole blogging phenomenon, Bloomtools has pulled out the key ones that are proven to work for clients in order to give you a checklist...

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Getting your business online

In today's internet age, having an online presence is essential for most businesses. A website can be a valuable business tool for conducting sales, contacting current and potential customers, promoting products and building brand loyalty.

But getting your business online isn't a quick process and there are a lot of important consid...

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Open Source vs Proprietary CMS

Every website should be easy to use and update, should be built with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind, and should be able to grow as your business and online strategy grow. There are numerous technology platforms that may fit the bill, so which one should you choose? Well that will depend on what your online needs are. This articl...

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Take the mystery out of owning an online shopping cart

Want to start selling your products and services online, but not sure how to go about it? Catering to everyone, including existing Bloomtools clients and non-clients, this helpful session will discuss how online shopping can work for a range of different industries as well as some useful tips for getting your Shopping Cart noticed by your...

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Online strategies that increase your revenue - The Internet Secrets

"Do you want to learn how you can double your revenue through your website?" It's something that a number of our clients have acheived, so this month we've recruited our Internet Marketing expert and Director, Tracey Voyce, who will take you through the winning strategies that these clients are doing to get these typ...

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