5 Myths about Online Shopping Carts

If you're like 61% of the Australian population, you've purchased goods or services online. You have become part of an industry that is worth almost $35 Billion and rising. However, if you are also like a majority of Australian businesses, you are not selling your goods and products online. Why is this? By denying that Online Shopp...

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7 Tips for turning your Shopping Cart into your best sales person.

I'm going to cut to the chase, you want an online Shopping Cart that works. Your Shopping Cart should be the perfect sales person - easy to follow, friendly, helpful, trustworthy, converts well and working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just like a human sales person, you need to put a little energy into the initial "train...

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Bloomtools South Brisbane awarded Most Improved Franchisee

Bloomtools South Brisbane, which is owned by Emma Rolley, was awarded the Most Improved Franchisee at this year's annual Bloomtools Franchisee Conference. The award recognises the Bloomtools Franchisee that has shown a marked improvement in sales, customer service, knowledge, and client satisfaction in the past twelve months and is a ...

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Award winning web design company comes to Sydney Central

This week, the award winning website design and Database Marketing franchise Bloomtools opened their second location in Sydney. Managed by experienced IT services and marketing experts Mark Ilott and Natalie Granger, the franchise is preparing to improve the online presences of SMEs (small to medium enterprises) in the Sydney Central area...

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Combating Shopping Cart Abandonment

No, I’m not talking about leaving your freshly emptied Woolworth’s shopping cart in the parking lot instead of the trolley bay (although, that’s a fad I’m also keen on combating!). I’m talking about the 70% of online shoppers that abandon your shopping cart before they make their purchase.

“70% of onli...

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