Get your online and offline marketing working together

Most businesses spend a large percentage of their profits on promoting their business online and offline to their customers. However, many of these businesses are missing out on the full benefit of their marketing activities because they are not integrating the offline activities with their online presence.

Integration is very important bec...

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Easy ways to generate leads for your business

All businesses need to be spending some time and money on generating leads, because new leads mean more sales and greater profits. The key to lead generation is using a variety of strategies at the one time. Just advertising your business in a local newspaper probably won't generate a large number of leads for you to turn into customers yo...

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Client Spotlight - Small Business Works

At Small Business Works, we provide financial planning advice to a wide range of clients from business owners to wage earners and young families as well as those nearing or already retired. With our Accounting practice working side by side with our Financial Planning practice we are able to assist clients with more complex financial needs and ...

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Case Study - Law Firm

This Law firm wanted to refresh and update their old website as it was out of date and they were not attracting many leads or sales through their website. They also wanted to make their new website more credible, clearly demonstrating their strengths, and areas of speciality. And to utilise the power of the online tools to educate their client...

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Building your database of contacts

Most successful businesses have a large database of contacts, including clients, past clients, prospects, alliances and suppliers, which they keep up-to-date and fully utilise.

This is why your contact list is a goldmine for your business. The number and variety of strategies (eg.  email marketing, ecards, value adding, referrals, even...

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