Want to add images to your website? Read this first.

Images say a thousand words and are important in assisting you to attract people to your website, keeping them there longer, helping you sell your products and services, and getting your visitors to take action. When it comes to adding images to your website there are a few strategies and techniques that will assist you in getting the results...

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How to write great website copy

Research indicates that almost 80% of Internet users scan the content of a web page rather than read each word. So, instead of taking a few minutes to read your page word for word, they will quickly run their eyes over the page from left to right, looking for something that is relevant to them. If they find a headline, a list or a senten...

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Brisbane Businesses Are Serious About The Internet

We have all seen the statistics and even felt the change in the market place ourselves, knowing that Australians are using the internet as a daily source of information, communication and commerce. Yet many businesses have been slow to ensure they are capitalising on this extremely popular medium. They may have a simple website, but that is not...

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Are you guilty of having a bad website design?

The verdict is in and it’s essential for all law firms to have a professional, functional website that generates real bottom line results.  Does yours?  Lawyer turned web consultant Emma Rolley from Bloomtools South Brisbane explains the amazing things you can achieve online to get more clients and save money for your business. ...

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Taking your customer retention online

The paradox of our current economic climate is that customers are demanding more value, at the same time that businesses are looking for more cost-effective ways to deliver service.  Consumers are being much more careful with how they spend their money so they want to make sure they are getting the most for the least.  This can present...

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