11 quick tips for writing awesome headlines
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11 quick tips for writing awesome headlines

Posted on 29 April 2015
11 quick tips for writing awesome headlines

If your headline doesn't grab the interest of your reader, they will exit the screen faster than they can read the first line of copy. Here are some quick tips on writing headlines that are irresistible and luring.

Things that work:

  1.     Odd numbers
  2.     Questions
  3.     Adjectives
  4.     Promises
  5.     Lists
  6.     Value
  7.     The word "You"
  8.     Alliteration
  9.     Dollar figures
  10.     Urgency
  11.     Benefits

Why do these elements increase the effectiveness of your headline?

Because they are all things that readers either desire or want answered. When crafted properly, they'll have to find out the answer before exiting, and you've got them hooked.

Some examples of great headlines include:
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  •     What do you say to this?
  •     11 ways to boost your revenue
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