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Content content content - it's all about content!

Posted on 9 February 2015

Your website is ranked by both search engines and viewers on content, above all else! Higher value is given to websites with high quality, original and regularly updated content, learn how to achieve this now...

Quantity is essential

Regarding numbers, the minimum recommended for any page is 250 words while the maximum is 1500. You need to get your message across clearly and fully to ensure viewers have all their questions answered. Do not leave out any information that will leave them wondering. But, do not bombard them with an overload of information. More than 1500 words becomes overwhelming and it is unlikely that they will read through to the end.

Quality is key

There is no point publishing content if it is not of good quality. Quality content provides accurate information, is interesting and factual, provides greater rankings for your website and increases credibility among viewers. Ensure every bit of content on your website adds value.

Improve further by incorporating your keywords throughout your content (but don't go overboard) - making it easier for consumers to find your website, as Google will rank you better.

Frequency is high

Your content should be regularly updated. Websites with ever-changing content are ranked higher on search engines than those with static content. This means you need to have a sufficient amount of information to publish - the best way to ensure this is by incorporating a blog and social media feed into your website. Read our top tips for easier blogging and our five tips to make your blog stand out from the crowd to learn more. Even better, if you feel your writing skills are not up to scratch, checkout our content writing services and we will write your content for you!

Bloomtools makes it easy for you

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