Google Business Profile - How Small Businesses Will Be Affected
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Google Business Profile - How Small Businesses Will Be Affected

Posted on 30 November 2021
Google Business Profile - How Small Businesses Will Be Affected

Google has bowled businesses another surprise flipper. But with the right swing, you’ll knock it out for six.

The reason Google My Business changed to Google Business Profile

Google has renamed the Google My Business app to Google Business Profile. But why has Google changed the name of Google My Business?

It looks like Google is making an effort to shift from the Google My Business application to make a difference to small businesses with one location. 

Is that you? Well, don’t worry, because these changes may actually be a good thing.

Google Business Profile should make it easier for small, one location businesses to manage their profile online with easier integration into other Google tools like:

  • Google Search

  • Google Maps

  • Google Images

  • YouTube

  • Google News

So, Google Business Profile could help small local businesses streamline their online operations.


When will Google My Business change to Google Business profile?

Now - from here on, Google My Business is dead (kind of). You can now call it Google Business Profile.

So far, it’s just the name, but Google My Business will be entirely retired at some point during next year.

And while they haven’t told anyone an exact date yet, it wouldn’t be unusual for Google to drop the news unexpectedly - so you need to prepare by updating your online presence.

Not sure where to start? Give us a quick call on (07) 5637 3700 or contact us online to walk through what these changes might mean for you and your business.


The TL;DR of what this means for small businesses

For small businesses, the migration of Google My Business to Google Business profile will mean that:

  1. Google wants you to move away from managing your listing and descriptions in Google My Business

  2. Instead, Google wants you to create and manage online one business listing in Google Search and Google Maps.

So, changing Google My Business to Google Business Profile will probably make it easier for small businesses.

To learn how to optimise your small business strategy for Google Business Profile, contact us.

The TL;DR of what this means for medium and large businesses with more than one location

Bigger businesses in Australia will need to make some changes, but it shouldn’t take long at all and will ultimately be easier in the long run.

Instead of using Google My Business to manage multiple business locations, SEO teams and business managers will use a new tool named Google Business Profile Manager.

Google Business Profile Manager should make it easier to manage multiple business accounts from one place by integrating many of the tools they already use.

Reportedly, it will act similarly to Google My Business, but on a larger and more connected scale.


Some new features Google Business Profile will have

Google Business Profile comes with more than a name change and nervous anticipation for business owners.

It also comes with:

  • The ability to claim and verify your Google Business Profile easily through Google Search and Maps

  • The ability to manage customer or client phone calls and other communications

  • A platform to communicate with customers directly as they will be able to contact you via your Google Business Profile


What businesses need to do before Google My Business Changes to Google Business Profile:

Google usually does their best to make things as easy for clients, but a change this significant will affect your entire digital marketing strategy and online presence.

It’s crucial for businesses to optimise their presence on Google Business Profile before the changes go live. That would mean:

  • Claiming your business

  • Claiming your location

  • Posting content to your profile

  • Trying to get more reviews and interactions from your customers

Learn more about optimising your presence on Google in Boosting Your Local SEO in 4 Simple Steps.

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For a more detailed strategy or to talk about what these changes specifically mean for your business, call Bloomtools on (07) 5636 3700 for a free no-obligation consultation.

Or, book a consultation online and find a time that works for you.

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