Differences Between Web Design & Development
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Differences Between Web Design & Development

Posted on 24 June 2022
Differences Between Web Design & Development

While both fall under the umbrella that is website creation, each has its own nuances and fundamental differences that stop them from being paired together.


Website design:

Web design is the look-good part of creating a website. It includes creating the overall theme and usability of the website in the:

  • Layout

  • Colour scheme

  • Navigation

  • Menu setup & site mapping

A great website designer will go above and beyond in balancing functionality and aesthetics to create an easy to navigate website that looks phenomenal and drives sales. 


Website development:

Somewhat oppositely, web development focuses on creating the functions that make websites work. A website developer’s role involves:

  • Writing code to accomplish various tasks

  • Database management systems

  • Updates and bug fixes

Also different to web design, there are multiple types of web developers.

Back-end website developers

A back-end web developer creates and manages data within site databases, controlling what is displayed for readers on a website’s front end.

Front-end website developers

Comparatively, a front-end website developer centres on writing code determining how websites look and trying to create solutions that match the website designer’s concepts and ideas.


Differences between website design and development

Web designers won’t write code

A website designer’s job is to use the existing code and software to create your online presence. Instead, they use existing tools from third parties to design creative websites. 

Web development can be more expensive than website design

Because a designer uses existing tools to create your website, they likely won’t charge as much. The downside of this is that they are far more restricted as they have to rely on third-party plugins and software to create your vision.

Web development is more flexible

As a website developer doesn’t rely on third-party plugins and software, a developer is only restricted to the current limitations of technology and the internet. 

And, because technology and the internet are constantly changing and improving, a website developer can continually improve your website with updates and new features. 


Similarities between web development and web design

They both aim to create the best user experience for visitors

Ultimately, both web design and development aim to create easy-to-use, functional websites to sell your products and services, and drive your brand’s voice.

While a website developer doesn’t typically create front-end appealing designs, they work hard to make sure your website is functional and bug-free. 

And while a web designer makes your website look unique and appealing to visitors, their hard work is all for nothing if the website doesn’t function properly. 

They both need to be up-to-date with the latest improvements online

As the web is everchanging, so too does your website. Both developers and designers need to know the best practices and current limitations of the tech world to create a functional website. 


Should you hire a website designer or a developer?

Knowing the difference between designers and developers, it’s clear they can’t function without one another. It should also be clear that clear communication between developers and designers is crucial to creating a website that both looks great and works well.

This is why it’s unfortunate that web designers often need to rely on third-party software and developers.

Unlike other digital marketing companies, Bloomtools uses our own software and uses our own designers. That means our client’s websites are created by designers and developers, working alongside each other to create a site that looks brilliant and functions perfectly. 

  • When you want a specific feature, our designers communicate with our developers to create it.

  • When there are new additions or possibilities online, our developers work hard to implement the capabilities for client websites.

  • When Google or other search engines change their algorithms or capabilities, our team work together to squash bugs as they show.

Have a vision for your future website? Talk to the Bloomtools team of designers, developers, digital marketers, and more for a free, considerate quote

Our Gold Coast head office is open 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday and you can call the team on (07) 5636 3700. Or, if it’s easier, you can book a consultation online to find a time that suits your schedule. 

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