3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Website

Your website is one of your most important reflections of your company. In the same way that your business brochures and even yourself with your car, clothes and image needs a revamp every few years to remain fresh and look up to date, so too does your website. This is also a good time to take your website to the next level, increasing its va...

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Blogging for business checklist

Blogs within a business website, when done right, are getting great results by increasing traffic to their websites, conversion rates, Google rankings, plus much more. As there are a lot of tips surrounding the whole blogging phenomenon, Bloomtools has pulled out the key ones that are proven to work for clients in order to give you a checklis...

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Boost your business by being the expert

It is a widely-known fact in business that people love buying, but hate being sold to. So how do you overcome this as a business that has products and services to sell to customers?

You need to be the doctor – the expert that listens to their problems, diagnoses them and then tells them what they need to do to fix it. People will b...

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Getting your business online

In today’s internet age, having an online presence is essential for most businesses. A website can be a valuable business tool for conducting sales, contacting current and potential customers, promoting products and building brand loyalty.

But getting your business online isn’t a quick process and there are a lot of important con...

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Give your customers what they want

Lots of people visit your website, including current customers, past customers, prospective customers, shareholders, suppliers and maybe even members of the press. When these people arrive on your website, they are usually seeking some specific information about your business. They may want to find out about:  What products and servi...

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