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Google Business Profile Statistics

Posted on 9 January 2024
Google Business Profile Statistics

Australian Google Business Profile Statistics

Your Google Business Profile acts as your online shop window, playing a pivotal role in shaping customer perceptions when they search for your business on Google.

It's essential to present your business effectively, with an emphasis on regularly updating your Google Business Profile. Google reveals that businesses submit over 15 million edit requests each month in GBP. These edits range from changing contact numbers and posting new images to updating operating hours.

A particular Google study found that 47% of consumers purchased from a brand/business they were previously unfamiliar with. New customers are likely to delve deeper into learning about your business. Provide the information they seek, and they are more inclined to make a purchase.

The integration of online and offline local shopping has advanced significantly in 2023. A study on consumer behaviour indicates that 96% of shoppers have used Google's Near Me searches prior to visiting brick-and-mortar stores.

GBP Review Statistics

GBP Australian Review Statistics

Source: BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2023

Google has streamlined communication between businesses and consumers. Now, users can message companies directly from Maps, provided you've activated messaging in your Business Profile.

Additionally, leaving reviews has been made more accessible, with the option available directly from Maps and Search.  Another strong suggestion is using an automative review solution, that sends out requests to new clients and makes it easy for them to leave a review. Here's a breakdown of how consumers engage with business reviews on Google:

  • 33% of consumers "always" look at online reviews when considering local businesses.
  • 43% of shoppers "regularly" peruse online reviews for local enterprises.
  • 22% of users "occasionally" consult reviews.
  • A mere 2% never read reviews and make uninformed purchases.


GBP Market Share Statistics

Google Business Profile offers two types of insights: Search Listings and Maps Listings. Search Listings are when your business appears in Google's Search results as a local pack, while Maps Listings are appearances of your business in Google Maps.

Google Business Profiles often compete effectively with business websites in Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), largely due to Google's geographically relevant search results.

  • Google Business Profiles account for 58% of all shopping reviews. In addition to traffic and market share, 58% of all product/service reviews online are on Google (Maps and Search). As online reviews become increasingly pivotal in the search for businesses and products, Google is constantly refining how reviews are presented on its platforms, aiming to enhance the quality of user experience.

  • Google also maintains a strong hold on the local business and reviews sector, commanding a 73% majority share. Additionally, 63% of users consult product or business reviews on Google before visiting a local store, highlighting the platform's significant influence in the consumer decision-making process.

Statistics on Engagement with Google Business Profiles

  • Google Business Profiles attract 400% more traffic than small websites. Market traffic share analysis reveals that a well-maintained Google Business Profile can receive up to four times the traffic of a small business website, highlighting its potential to help small businesses compete with larger brands.

  • Over half of Business Profiles receive 1,000+ views monthly. Market studies indicate that more than 50% of Google Business Profiles garner over 1,000 views each month. Significantly, 60% of these interactions lead to a website visit, demonstrating the value of a well-optimised Google Business Profile in attracting high-quality customers to websites.

  • Numerous methods exist to track, enhance, and optimise traffic from your Business Profile. Our SEO experts can provide further insights and help elevate your business website.

  • Around 45% of local businesses secure appointments through GBP. For sectors like healthcare, trades, and automotive services, 45% of businesses receive appointment or quote requests via their contact information and appointment sections on Google Business Profiles.

  • Flexible and contactless request features are crucial, particularly for customers who prefer initial contact without a phone call. This approach encourages a broader range of potential clients to engage and convert.

  • Over 90% of new customer calls are linked to Google Business Profiles. Market data shows that 91% of daily customer inquiries and phone calls can be traced back to the contact information on Google Business Profiles.

  • While some calls originate from websites, the majority are direct from customers using Maps and Search, thanks to the immediate visibility of phone numbers in local packs and Maps listings.

  • 66% of users engage with businesses based on their GBP. Google Business Profiles serve as effective marketing tools, reaching 66% of target customers who respond to listings on Google.

  • Google Maps and Search favour businesses with comprehensive Google Business Profiles. With accurate information, numerous high-quality reviews, and a tailored SEO strategy, Google is more likely to prioritise your listing in search results.

Key takeaways based on research data include:

  1. Ensuring your Google Business Profile information is accurate and current.
  2. Maintaining authentic and natural Google reviews.
  3. Uploading high-quality product and location images.
  4. Maximise on completing and updating all areas of your GBP.
  5. Integrating your GBP with a customised local SEO strategy.

Final Reflections

Google Business Profile remains an indispensable asset for businesses of all scales, particularly in the Australian digital marketplace. The statistics and insights we've shown above is designed to motivate you to see how crucial it is, if you are after local business to get your Google Business Profile right and up to date.  

Engaging with your local customer base is now quicker and more cost-effective than ever. Success hinges on consistently monitoring your business's online presence, staying in tune with market trends, and interacting with your audience most effectively.

To learn and understand more about your business position, our Australian-based SEO experts are here to help you out. Learn how GBP, coupled with proven local SEO strategies, can provide a significant competitive advantage. Don't hesitate to reach out for a conversation about how we can support your business's growth.

For some recent tips on improving your Local Google Business Profile in Australia go here.  And if a Bloomtools client, view our past Google Business Profile Workshop here.

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