Five marketing basics you must do right now
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Five marketing basics you must do right now

Posted on 26 April 2013

As a small business owner you're already an expert in your area, but you now also need to become savvy at marketing your business. It can be hard to juggle the workload, especially when much of it is new territory, so here are some tools and tips that can demystify marketing and help you manage the proces

  1. Bring your website up to standard: Every business needs a great website, there's no questioning that. But when you're managing it all, co-ordinating to get a website that generates results for your business can fall off the to-do list. Bloomtools can help you launch a website in a manageable format that evolves as your business does. Our accessible content management system means you can keep your website easily updated from any location. And the best part is our websites are search engine friendly. If SEO is new to you, our How to become an SEO Ninja webinar will help explain the world of search - or we can even do that for you too.

  2. Create great customer emails: Emailing customers can be time consuming, especially when working with branded content. Bloomtools can help you come up with a template that integrates seamlessly with your website. It's an efficient, professional solution that frees up precious time for other important things. For tips on creating killer email campaigns, check out our webinar: The 5 email campaigns that generated the best results.

  3. Manage your customer relationships: When it comes to taking a personal approach with customers, small businesses have the edge. However, it can be exhausting trying to keep all of your customers up to date. Our Database Marketing product allows you to automate a lot of your customer process. You can send Sales warmers to prospective clients, event reminders to customers, surveys to get their feedback or SMS marketing for immediate response.

  4. Morph into a social media maven: Every owner should know about how important social media can be for business, but the best campaigns are built from the grass roots. You can maintain the authenticity of your campaign while increasing its effectiveness using Bloomtools social media tools. Feed articles through to social platforms automatically and increase sharing with social buttons. Our Taking Advantage of Social Media and Content Syndication webinar outlines this process. or we can set that up for you too.

  5. Be seen as the expert: We have all heard the saying 'content is king', and this is so true for many reasons on the internet.  The most stongest reasons are to help your business be found, from a SEO and sharing perspective and the other top one is in customer aquisition by helping you stand out from your competitors... Bloomtools has the simple tools to assist you, but if you are time poor or need assistance we can write it for you as well, from your initial website content, through to monthly blog and article entries as well.

If you have a great business and want people to know about it, talk to Bloomtools about how we and our simple marketing tools can help you boost your sales and achieve business success.

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