Heatmaps to record website viewers actions
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Heatmaps to record website viewers actions

Posted on 3 May 2019
Heatmaps to record website viewers actions

Bloomtools is working with HotJar to help website owners know exactly how their site visitors are interacting with their websites. It is just another way you can take away the guessing game on what people actually do on your website. HotJar also helps you figure out which changes you need to make to get more conversions and people taking action on your website.

With HotJar you can:

  • Get an overview of Heatmaps of how visitors interact with your website (what common areas they click on, where they scroll) to find out what areas you need to fix, move, or enhance to get better results.
  • Record an individual's activity on your website, where their mouse goes, what they click and tap, and how they navigate across pages.
  • Set up conversion funnels, to track entry and exit of site visitors.
  • Carry out feedback polls on people as they visit your website to help understand exactly what they're looking for.
  • Collect deeper insights from your site visitors with surveys.
  • Carry out your own user testing.

And doing this with your Bloomtools Internet Strategist / Consultants will help you understand the data and make some decisions on making improvements to your website's layout, design and future enhancements.

This is the best tool for anyone who is thinking about doing a re-design on their website, to really know what areas of their pages they need to keep and areas you need to change. By running this for 3 months prior to your design, you will gain enough data to make some informed choices on what you need to do. But also we have a number of clients whose websites are more a vital component of their business, that keep it on full time to continue to monitor the results over time.

HotJar - helping you make decisions on data vs opinions.

If you are interested in running this on your website and would like your consultant to help you analyse the data - contact them to take you through the process, and cover the monthly investment for you.

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