How to put a COVID-19 notification on your website
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How to put a COVID-19 notification on your website

Posted on 31 March 2020
How to put a COVID-19 notification on your website

Whether your team is working remotely, you have a physical location still open for business, you're currently meeting or visiting clients, or if you've sadly had to close for a while, it's important to let people know how, if and when you are operating during this uncertain time.

Google recommends updating your My Business listing if your opening hours have changed and it wouldn't hurt to let existing customers know via email if you utilise database marketing, however a great place to include a COVID-19 notification is on your own website.

The Home page of your website is almost always the first thing visitors see so it makes sense to add an update above the fold (any content visible in your browser when the page loads without having to scroll) covering how your business is operating and the precautions you are taking for both your team and your clients.

Here at Bloomtools we have a couple of recommendations regarding how you can handle this yourself:

  • Add a new banner for your Animated header, with a link to a new content page or blog post covering your precautions - for example, see Veterinary Specialist Services
  • As mentioned above, add a piece of text content near the top of your page explaining what is happening with your business (you can then also link to a page or post if you need to go into more detail) - for example, see Vet Marketing Services

However, if you would like us to design something custom for you (for a small fee), we have a few other options:

Regardless of which option you ultimately go with, the important thing is to ensure your clients, both new and old, that you are doing your bit to flatten the curve and stop the spread. 

If you need any assistance with the above, just call your friendly internet consultant at Bloomtools and we'll be happy to help.

Keep safe and healthy, and we look forward to working together with you to help you through these different times.

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