The benefits of online business reviews
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The benefits of online business reviews

Posted on 23 February 2015
The benefits of online business reviews

The rise of e-commerce has brought about an increase in digital-savvy consumers looking to publish reviews of your business online. It has also seen a rise in the number of customers who rely on existing reviews before deciding if they will engage in your services or make a purchase. Does your brand appreciate the power that online reviews have on influencing and educating customers?

Trusting online reviews

A recent study of small business owners showed that almost half of them believe online reviews are not important. It's clear that many brands simply don't appreciate the importance of online feedback, so make sure you don't fall into this category.

A report published this year revealed that 88 per cent of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This represented a 9 per cent boost from last year. It's increasingly important that your business has a pool of online reviews that potential consumers can turn to when they're considering using your products or services.

Increasing reviews

Generating favourable reviews online is an act that requires precision and balance. Push too hard and you can become overbearing. However, ignore the phenomenon and it will seem like you do not care about customer feedback.

The key to building positive reviews is to be aware of situations developing with customers. Ask loyal customers for a review, but avoid chasing them up it can make you seem desperate.

Ensure your review process is easily accessible to customers. Customers don't want to spend hours trawling through your site or social media channels to find a link to a review page. They need to be presented with a fast and easy process.

Negative reviews

Reach out to customers who leave negative reviews just don't do it on a public forum. This can lead to an ugly argument for all your customers and competitors to witness.

Email or call these customers directly, listen to their feedback and, when you've resolved the issue, ask them if they would kindly change their review. Potential consumers will then hear about your fantastic customer service firsthand.

Bloomtools reviews

Our latest product update now allows your testimonals and shopping cart products to have ratings next to them! The ratings are coded in such a way that Google will understand the ratings, and in some cases can display them in their search results. Contact your local Bloomtools consultant to learn how to make the most out of your ecommerce site and, in turn, see an increase in positive online reviews for your business.

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