Write great website copy

The copy is probably the most important aspect of your website design because it communicates important information about your business to your customers and prospects. Writing for the web is a lot different to everyday writing. Web users read the content of websites very differently to the way they would read a newspaper or book, and y...

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The top 6 things every business needs online

These days most businesses realise they really need to have a website in order to be competitve, including bricks and mortar businesses.  Sadly, many of them have no idea what they need to have on their website in order to improve their business and increase their sales.  So to help these businesses out, we've created this simple...

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Starting your own online community

Online communities are a great way to get your customers and prospects interacting with your business. Establishing a community group on your website is also an effective way to boost your site traffic and generate leads. For more information on these groups and the people that participate in them, read my other article. To build a group aro...

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Must-have online tools and strategies for your business

So you've got a website?  That's great every business needs one.  But are you taking full advantage of all the technology that the internet now offers the everyday business owner? 

There are lots of tools out there that can help you get more from your internet presence and, surprisingly, a lot of it is free.  Her...

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Low competition, high rewards: boost your SEO using niche keywords

We have written a lot of blogs and articles and even held a webinar discussing the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the success of your website. We've given you some great suggestions for how to optimise your website to ensure these results. Now that you have your head around SEO and have your major keywords all optimised...

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