What is Multi-Channel Marketing? And How Can it Benefit Your Business?
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What is Multi-Channel Marketing? And How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Posted on 5 July 2021
What is Multi-Channel Marketing? And How Can it Benefit Your Business?

It's hard enough marketing one channel, now you're telling me I've got to do it three or four more times?


What is multi-channel marketing?

Multi channel marketing refers to using multiple channels to reach audiences and potential customers. These channels are often a combination of direct and indirect communication outlets like catalogues, email, websites and social media.

A company could use any combination of:

How can it benefit your business?

The benefits of each channel are different and a company should analyse their target audience and how they can best be reached.

Some benefits of multi-channel marketing are:

  • Increased engagement
  • Further reach/wider audiences
  • Reaching customers on their preferred channel

Every consumer is an individual with different needs, wants, likes and dislikes. Multi-channel marketing gives the consumer the choice on how they want to hear about your business, or if they want to at all. That makes it easier to narrow down on your target market and save costs.


Tips to get it right

While all channels serve different purposes, your business's goals and objectives won't. It's tempting to serve different products or services to all different customers but that can get pretty costly and time consuming for your business.

To capitalise on multi-channel marketing, you could consider these tips:

  • Create a consistent goal
  • Despite using multiple channels to reach audiences, your goal should still be the same. Whether it be selling products and services or providing
  • Create a consistent message:
  • If your business's goals and objectives are consistent, shouldn't your message be too? Your company's  message should encapsulate your company's objectives and sell them to your consumer.


Watch and analyse your audiences

The benefit of multi-channel marketing is that your business will be heard by a wider range of potential consumers, but they might not all want to listen. You should analyse your audience response and narrow in on successful channels to save time and money.

When selling a product, you may come across consumers who are engaging across multiple channels. It might be a good idea to figure out why, as these customers spend three times more compared to single-channel shoppers on average.


Don't be afraid to get help

Multi-channel marketing can be a pretty daunting task for businesses, particularly those who are newer to the digital marketing world.

Bloomtools offers services that can benefit your business and get you started with your multi-channel marketing. And many of the options can all work together automatically.

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