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Why Google My Business is a Must Have

Posted by Tracey Voyce on 13 February 2016
Why Google My Business is a Must Have

Why is Google My Business so important and why should your business invest time into it? There are lots of reasons why!

Why Google My Business Rocks!

  • Unlike almost every other successful marketing tool, its FREE! Yes, you read that right. 
  • It truely is the ultimate business directory, generating Google search results and making your information available to potential customers instantly.
  • It is clickable, so online viewers can go to your website or call you in one easy touch.
  • The information is presented in an appealing and attractive way on any device, including smartphones.
  • You can make it work for both local and online businesses.
  • You can deliver your point of difference in many ways, including being able to post pictures and videos.
  • It incorporates Google Analytics so that you can see all the stats and figures. 
  • It increases your website traffic, store visitors and revenue. 
  • Customers can read and add reviews, putting word of mouth marketing at the forefront of your business. 
  • It is owned by Google - so essential for every business who wants to be found on Google.

Believe it or not, there are even more benefits than that! Like, it increases the chances of your business being displayed higher in Google search results. 

Contant your local Bloomtools Internet Specialist today, we can help you get Google My Business working for you business. 

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