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Promote Your Blog Posts Using Social Media
Posted by Tracey Voyce
3 December 2019
Promote Your Blog Posts For Higher SEO Ranking Having interesting and engaging content across your website is just the beginning. We all know that to keep Google happy we need to make regular updates to our website c...
Tip: Check your goals and celebrate the results
Posted by Bloomtools
1 December 2019
Way back at the beginning of this year, we posted the first of our monthly tips for 2019: plan your online strategy for the year. Whether you had a strategy session with the team at Bloomtools or not, we hope you had a c...
How Google's New Changes Will Affect Your Website
Posted by Bloomtools
12 November 2019
You may not have noticed it yet but Google has recently been rolling out an algorithm update called BERT. The reason you should care about BERT is that Google has said that it will affect 1 in 10 Google search enquirie...
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Is Your Website Up To Speed?
Posted by Bloomtools
8 November 2019
The first impression a visitor gets from visiting your website is how long it takes to load. In fact, if it takes too long, more than 3-5 seconds, you can expect up to a 40% bounce rate! That's a lot of potential vis...
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Tip: Stand out - Review your home page and overall website design
Posted by Bloomtools
1 November 2019
As devices, technology and how people use the internet changes, so do the design trends to match these, as well as user experience (UX). Therefore a site designed 3 years ago can quickly look out of date. But why does this...
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