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How to Succeed with Facebook Advertising
Posted by Bloomtools
17 October 2019
If you don't have the right Facebook advertising strategy, not only will you likely be disappointed with your results, you'll probably burn quickly through your budget. Although you can't guarantee results fo...
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A Beginner's Guide to Customer Surveys
Posted by Bloomtools
10 October 2019
Are you listening to your customers? If you're not, it's possible you're missing some very important feedback that could help you better serve your customers and keep them coming back, and most importantly, r...
Tip: Mobile Friendly - Is your website fully mobile compliant
Posted by Bloomtools
27 September 2019
Technology has progressed over time and so has the increase in viewership on mobile devices for your websites. For most clients we are seeing in excess of 57% of their site visitors viewing the website on a mobile device...
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Why Google My Business is a Must Have
Posted by Tracey Voyce
5 September 2019
Why is Google My Business so important and why should your business invest time into it? There are lots of reasons why! Why Google My Business Rocks! Unlike almost every other successful marketing tool, its FREE! ...
Tip: Drive Traffic - Send a promotional email to your clients
Posted by Bloomtools
1 September 2019
Every business owner knows they tend to spend more time focusing on trying to attract new clients than they do working with their existing clients. Did you know it is extremely easy, more cost effective and profitable to...
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