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11 Ways To Use Landing Pages In Your Business
Posted by Tracey Voyce
12 September 2018
What are Landing Pages & When would I use them?
A landing page is a website page that is created to turn visitors into clients. Prospective clients "land" on this page, which is designed for one pur...
Google's Mobile First - What is it and how to become compliant
Posted by Tracey Voyce
30 August 2018
Google moves to index from mobile first As early as 2015 Google started boosting rankings for mobile-friendly websites and with mobile now responsible for more than 58% of all website traffic, Google's commitmen...
Clients on the outdated POP email are now being moved to G Suite
Posted by Tracey Voyce
29 August 2018
POP email is being replaced by G Suite You may or not be aware, the POP email systems that were popular a decade ago are becoming a thing of the past.  POP is now being replaced by the more user-friendly, relia...
Latest Paid Advertising Statistics (PPC) 2018
Posted by Tracey Voyce
17 August 2018
Pay per Click advertising can be a very effective form of marketing... as you only pay when someone clicks on your ads.  And because they are searching for what you have to offer, that is why it can deliver a good ...
A FREE Google Ads Report For Your Business
Posted by Tracey Voyce
26 July 2018
Learn how best to get you to the top spot on Google Google Ads gives you the opportunity to appear at the top of the Google results page at the very moment someone is searching for what you have. And best of all, yo...