Bloomtools 2019 Tips


Plan - Your online strategy for the year

As business owners, January is always a good time of year for reflection on the business. This is also a good time to look at your online profile. To make it easier for you, we have a checklist you can print off to tick the key elements that you are strong in, areas that you feel you should work on. Now you can write up a plan of action but for most, we know that is when it becomes too hard. So that is what this calendar/guide is about - to simplify it for you and put things into bite size chunks so that you cover the bare minimum that will help your business stand out online.

But always remember to at least have your annual strategy sessions with your Bloomtools consultant, as this is their area of expertise and can help you take things further.

Take heart: For many of our clients, even though all of their competitors are online, you only need to work on a few areas in the online market to stand out, as your competitors do nothing as they are scared to venture into the unknown. So let's get started. Download this checklist and lets see the great opportunities you have to improve your online presence.

Offer: If you are wanting to write articles/blogs on your website to add more content to show off your expertise, and rank higher in Google, this month we have a half price blog offer. Talk to your consultant to learn more.

Also, did you know we have a team of professional writers that can write some/all of your blogs for you. To find out more talk to your consultant.


Google My Business - Check your listing, add more photos

Google My Business (GMB), this is where you have your listing on Google to appear in their maps, and up the top of the page when someone does a local search (i.e. puts a location in their search e.g. Air Conditioning Servicing Brisbane). As this listing is at the top of the page in a search result, and as it is free, this is one of the most important areas you should have your business appear in.

Now Google likes to show businesses that are up to date and reviewed highly by their clients. For this month, we are going to focus on keeping your GMB listing up to date for Google.

I recommend that you put it in your diary/calendar to do this at least once every 3-6 months, so Google knows you are relevant.

Up to date, for your listing - means:

  • Checking your details (phone, business address, hours of operation, what you do etc).  If you dont know where to find your listing, here is Google's helpful guide.
  • Update your photos - show off your offices (interior and exterior), work you do, the products, your team in action etc
    • 62% of consumers say local search results with good images capture their attention and push them towards a decision.
    • Avoid using a lot of professional photography (or any at all) as this can actually make your business seem untrustworthy. People want a real feel for your business.
    • Do not use stock photography in your Google My Business listing. Google will find and delete stock photos.
  • Select one photo as your cover photo. Now unfortunately, it is up to Google what photo they will show, however by nominating one to be your cover lets them know your preference.
  • If you write blogs/articles on your website - this is the perfect position to promote it (not only does it let Google know you are writing new content, it further promotes it to get more traffic to your website, and adds more interest to your listing) - How to here

Offer: If you would like to appear high in your listings for local Google search results, we have a great monthly service where we can do this for you. As a gift for this month, we will do a free audit for you on your business to identify what you need to work on.


Content is King - Create a page answering common questions

Google loves websites that have ever growing content. But so do your prospective clients as well. Content creates a point of difference for your business and shows off your expertise.

Now you can write about new products, services, helpful tips, case studies on clients with a challenge and how you helped them etc. But one of the most powerful things you can write about is the common questions your clients have about your business, industry and what you do...

Because - guess what, that is what they will typically search for when looking for help with a business like yours.

So if you have a page on your website about this question, or content within your website - Google is more likely to show your website above others, when someone puts that question into Google.
E.g. I have no hot water in my house what do I do? How do I workout what to benchmark my business on? How do I find a good good...

Brainstorm with your team what common questions people call up and ask? What questions, concerns do people have about your industry?

Look at tools like Buzzumo, to give you a list of common questions for your industry, services, products (use these as guides).

Then create a page about each. Or use our FAQ tool to quickly write these questions, and with a click of a button people can see the answers...

Offer: FAQ tool - half price this month. This tool is very simple and easy to use and build yourself.  NB/ we are very happy to work with you on building this page, but there will be a minimum charge to do this.