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Bloomtools 2019 Tips

The following tips have been put together to help our clients

We fully understand how there are so many things you can do to improve your business's online presence it can often be overwhelming, let alone confusing, to know what the essential things you should be doing are.

As your internet partners, Bloomtools keeps your backend software up to date with the latest changes from Google, new operating systems and devices, and constant improvements on the functionality of the tools. While this helps keep you ahead on the technology side, to really stand out you need to do a little bit more.

To help and make it more manageable for you, we have put together this very useful calendar that will guide you each month with one strategy. Follow our guide to learn how to make this strategy a winner for you.

As you know, your competitors have websites - but for most businesses, this is where it ends. By following these steps you will gain a competitive advantage over those who do nothing.

So please enjoy this gift from us to help you prosper even more online. Click on the links below to learn more of each month's tip.  We are looking forward to continuing to help you and your business grow in 2019.