Tip: Check your goals and celebrate the results
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Tip: Check your goals and celebrate the results

Posted on 1 December 2019
Tip: Check your goals and celebrate the results

Way back at the beginning of this year, we posted the first of our monthly tips for 2019: plan your online strategy for the year. Whether you had a strategy session with the team at Bloomtools or not, we hope you had a chance to work through our helpful checklist and put together some goals for your website and business. With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the time to examine your successes and achievements, and celebrate the results.


Did you achieve what you wanted from your online presence in 2019? Did you attract more leads, sell more products, increase your conversions? If not (or even if you want to improve upon your existing presence even more), get in touch with your local internet consultant - we'll work with you to figure out exactly what you need to help ensure your 2020 is better than ever.


Did you promote your website on Google and/or social media? There are now more than ever an almost limitless number of methods and platforms to advertise your website and business online. Interested in Google Ads or Facebook Advertising? Want to know more about the importance of backlinks and citations? Contact the in-house digital marketing team at Bloomtools today.


Does your website still send a clear message? Reflect the quality of your business? When was the last time you actually updated your website? It never hurts to usher in the new year with a new look and style. Whether it's a complete website upgrade or redesign, a new animated header or gallery tool to show off your products or services, or simply just some revamped content, Bloomtools is here to help.


Is your website set up on Google Analytics and Search Console? Have you been tracking your goals and conversions? Want to improve your ranking in the search results but don't know where to start? Our SEO and digital marketing team can help set this all up for you and more, utilising technology to save you time, streamline your processes, and improve your results.


Have you been in regular contact with your clients and customers? Do you know what it is exactly they want? Do they know that you care? Sometimes a simple email is all you need - why not follow-up on a purchase with a quick thank you and perhaps offer a discount on their next purchase? This will keep them coming back for more. If they're a satisfied customer, ask for a testimonial or review on your Google My Business. If this sounds like a little much to keep on top of, take a look at our database marketing solution, which can automate many of these tasks for you.


Remember that no matter what your goals for this year were, it's important to take the time to appreciate any accomplishments you might have made in 2019. And if you find yourself with some extra spare time over the holiday break, it wouldn't hurt to take a look at your website and online presence of your business and think about what you would like to achieve in 2020 and the years to come. When you're ready, the friendly team at Bloomtools is here to help.

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